Coombe Workshop

Derived in an airport lounge in Zagreb, Croatia. James and Alex happened upon the same intention, to start an honest; trusted, friendly and skilled vehicle service & repair workshop.

They have teamed up as highly qualified vehicle technicians with near 20 years’ experience in the trade between them.

James Lane


From a young age, James has had a passion for cars and has been involved with maintaining and upgrading all types of vehicles. He studied Motorsport Engineering, which lead to a prominent role at a suspension specialist for 7 years. From here, he was able to gain a wealth of knowledge in performance suspension building and set-up, as well as classic and performance car maintenance/repairs. From here, he moved on to a performance car specialist, where he was able to gain a broader scope of knowledge in vehicle tuning.

Along side these, James has been involved in numerous classic vehicle projects, both in his professional and personal life.