Car Air Conditioning in Cheltenham

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Most vehicles on the UK Roads are fitted with an air conditioning or climate control system. Just like your engine this needs to be serviced to make sure that it is working correctly and to avoid expensive damage to the components.

Air Conditioning systems operate using R134a refrigerant and lose up to 10% of this over the course of a year. The more you lose, the less efficient your system becomes and more strain is put on the components within the system. Most vehicle manufacturers therefore recommend your air conditioning system is serviced and recharged with refrigerant and lubricant every 18 months.

During the recharging process your air conditioning system is drained, leak checked, cleaned and dried. It is then recharged with refrigerant and lubricant whilst the inside of your vehicle is deodorised, which removes bacteria from the evaporator inside the vehicle and removes any odours from the vehicle.

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