Wheel Alignment 

Come to Coombe Workshop for all your wheel alignment services

Coombe Workshop are experts in wheel alignment. We use the Hunter 4 Wheel alignment technology to check and correct your wheel alignment. 

Wheel Alignment Cheltenham

If your wheels are incorrectly aligned this can result in irregular tyre wear, which can drastically affect the handling and ride comfort of the vehicle. It may also increase your MPG as your wheels have a greater resistance to the road.

Your wheel alignment can easily become misaligned by hitting potholes or as a result of excessive wear to steering/suspension components.

Hunter 4 Wheel Alignment uses the latest equipment to allow all the wheels to be set to the manufacturers recommended position relative to each other. In addition to this, we can also offer custom wheel alignments, tailored to customers requirements (see modifications and enhancements).

If you have unusual wear on your tyres this could be an indication that your wheel alignment is incorrect.

If you feel your wheel alignment may be incorrect please contact Coombe Workshop on 01242 896333 or send us an email.