Classic vehicles

We also offer a wide variety of services for the older motor vehicle. These range from service and repair, to subtle modifications designed to modernise your vehicle.

Due to the advances in reliability of newer vehicles, peoples’ expectations have also increased. This means that when vehicles get older and start to show their age, people lose faith in older vehicles and, as a result of this, they get used less. Here at Coombe Workshop, we can provide a wide variety of services for the older vehicle that can help to rekindle your love for the classic.

Services we offer:

·    Classic vehicle inspections – for those who choose not to MOT their exempt vehicles, we can provide a thorough, but more sympathetic inspection. This will check whether the vehicle is still safe to use and in good health.

·         Servicing – we offer a wide range of service packages to cater for the older vehicle including; full greasing services, full/partial fluid flush and change, carburettor and fuel system cleaning and rebuilds, brake overhauling, ignition system overhaul and much more.

·         Re-commissioning – for those vehicles that have been off the road for longer than intended, we can complete a full health check and full fuel system/brake overhauls to get the vehicle back up and running.

·         Modernising – Older vehicles tend to show their age after you’ve got used to a modern car, but there’s nothing stopping them being a reliable every day car. We can provide help with bringing a vehicle up to date. Whether it be a simple heater upgrade to ensure efficient demisting on those cold winter days, or a brake or ignition upgrade to make it perform like a more modern vehicle.